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Meet our Board Members

Sylvia England

Founder and CEO

[email protected]

Sylvia England, of Waukegan, Illinois, has a diverse compilation of professional experience. As a small-business owner and employer, Sylvia is the Founder and Executive Director of The England Manor Underground Railroad Museum and Event Center, where she creates a southern, down-home atmosphere. Sylvia is a retired Educator and Administrator for over 36 years. Her responsibilities included serving as Dean of Students, Director of Guidance, Associate Principal, and Administrator of Student Programs. In her roles, Sylvia created programs for cultural diversity, student leadership, principal scholars, and at-risk youth. 

Ms. England has the credentials to build a lengthy list, but in keeping it short:  She has earned a Master of Arts Degree in General Administration K-12 from Northeastern Illinois University, a Master of Management Higher Education from Robert Morris University, and a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics from Southern Illinois University. Additionally, Sylvia is a mother and grandmother with a passion for serving God and others. 

As an active member of her community, Sylvia was the past Executive Director for the Love Notes Music Organization. This organization provides inspiration in the form of musical instruction and musical instruments to children. Sylvia is presently the President of the Board of Trustees for the Waukegan Public Library as well as chair of the local Juneteenth Summer Celebration in Waukegan, Illinois. In addition, she has served as past President of The National Association of University Women and Administrator and Developer of Greater Faith Community Preschool. And of course, Sylvia proudly serves on the Lake County CAP Board of Directors.  

Through her work at The England Manor, Underground Railroad Museum, Ms. England hopes to further her vision of a world that understands the bravery and inspiration of African Americans.

Lisa Hayes


[email protected]

Two things Lisa Hays is passionate about are history and travel. Her interest in World, and African American history, as well as the history of the Bible, have influenced her travels around the world where she has visited many museums and historical sites. Along with the knowledge Lisa has gained through her extensive visits to African and African American museums around the United States and the world, she has experience in project management, human resource, marketing, advertising, grant writing, event planning, accounting, and being a house manager which she was for the Missouri History Museum’s Historyonics Theatre Company. Her experiences, education, and background have helped Lisa appreciate that learning from the past helps us improve our future decisions.

Dan Davis

Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

Lieutenant Colonel Dan Davis believes giving back is a fundamental attribute of a good person. He wants to use the skills he has learned in his military career and in academics to educate the next generation.

Lt. Col. Davis has served in the military for the entirety of his professional life and in journalism for even longer. During his military career, he was a platoon leader leading patrols in Kosovo, as well as a detachment commander in Iraq. In all his endeavors he has used his position to give a voice to the people. Lt. Col. Davis has worked in Congress and for the office of the Secretary of Defense dealing with complex policy, budgetary programs and strategic operations.

Rosalind Davis


Rosalind Davis was born in San Antonio, Texas, but as a military child, she moved around quite a bit, living in Massachusetts, Illinois, Virginia, and the Philippines. She later spent four years in the United States Army herself, as a food service specialist. 

After leaving the Army, Rosalind took her experience there and used it to become an active participant in the Illinois Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) where she has held several positions. 

Rosalind volunteers in her spare time for various organizations but is exceedingly proud of her work for the boys at the Allendale Association in Lake Villa. She enjoys giving her time to organizations and non-profits that allow her to make her community into a better, more inclusive place.