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Welcome To The African American Museum At The England Manor

African-American history was created with the arrival Africans to North America in the 16th and 17th centuries. Former Spanish slaves who had been freed by Francis Drake arrived aboard the Golden Hind at New Albion in California in 1579.


In late 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. brought his crusade for civil rights to Chicago. He came at the invitation of the Chicago Freedom Movement, a coalition of 44 civil rights organizations working to end slums and improve living conditions for blacks in the city. The campaign offered King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) an opportunity to move the civil rights struggle into a new phase, one that addressed entrenched racial discrimination in urban cities which kept blacks locked in ghettos, overcrowded schools, and low-paying jobs.

Join Us At The African American Museum

Come and learn more about the African American history in Lake County, IL.

Our collections emphasize the historical and contemporary African American experience historically preserved to bring awareness and reverence. 

Mission Statement

The African American Museum at the England Manor is committed to preserving and celebrating the rich history and cultural heritage of African Americans by engaging communities through education, meaningful conversations, and cultural experiences. We aim to build bridges of understanding and unity to help reduce conflict and foster a society that embraces diversity and harmony.


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